Neverending Romance
the incomplete nightmare

*head scratch* Well, it had to be done. Considering I've been enforcing 'rules', that only so many people know about, it's probably time they stop being scattered bits of words in the wind. Now these will probably sound entirely stupid, but it's honestly for the List's own good. Yessir, Order is the game.

0) Inappropriate language is no longer allowed in 'shipping names. Though what is deemed "inappropriate" is up for debate (in my head), vulgar language at best is deemed, "No." Case-by-case.

While this is stifling, there are instances where a name is problematic. FFN does not allow inappropriate language in their summaries. Kid-friendly forums who use a language filter because they're kid-friendly would rather not be faced with a name no parent wants their child learning. And sometimes, it's just facepalm worthy as a whole.

1) If you have made a submission, and it's put on the List, and you feel you suddenly HATE the name you gave a particular pairing, you have until the next full update to decide if you hate this name or not. Once that second update happens, you are officially out of luck.

So be prepared for the worst. This is done to keep the list stable.

2) Limited your moresome 'ships to "six" participants only. There have been a few exceptions to this 'rule', but only on a 'theme' basis. All those who are seven or more characters go on the Untouchable List.

3) Names on the Untouchable and Transgender Lists are in official use. If a name you want is on that page, that's a no-go.

4) There will be no debate: once a name is official, it's official. Barring extreme circumstances, but those do not crop up often.

5) If you are including a pokemon with a canonical name (such as Sugar or Sparky), please include their species in parenthesis so I don't think they're suddenly human (as Rose and Sparky share human counterparts).

And most importantly: if you are including someone who shares a dub name (Jimmy, Tyson, etc), or a dub/original name (Marina's bloody popular, folks), or suffer from a reversal syndrome (Blue and Green from Special), PLEASE tell me which one they are!

Is Blue the female or Gary's counterpart? Is Tyson from Johto or Hoenn? Is Lily from Kanto or Johto? This is VITAL. Because I hate hunting people down and asking, "Did you mean him or her?" Et cetra.