Neverending Romance
the incomplete nightmare

updated: Dec 31.12

A List specifically created for characters who have been canonically misidentified, gender-wise, and only those characters. Basically, semi-canonical Rule 63.

All names here are Official, just like on the Incomplete List. Just try to use a prefix found here. :3 You will be denied.

CatchTheLightingShipping - Red, boy!Yellow & Yellow
'CauseGoldSaidSoShipping - boy!Yellow & girl!Bugsy

ExperimentalShipping - Professor Sebastian & girl!James

HonestMistakeShipping - Gold (Special) & girl!Bugsy

OhMyGodI'mGayShipping - Red & boy!Yellow

SailingSweetheartShipping - Crystal & boy!Yellow
StrawHatShipping - boy!Yellow & Yellow