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updated: Site News (March 04.13)
updated: List News (August 07.13)

Site News
Notice: March 04, 2013

I've always taken my role as maintainer as an extension of the fandom. Meaning: I do what I can to make sure this website is available for everyone's use. The main list page was altered somewhat to avail itself for several users who were having a tough time visually perceiving the page as is, so the colors were switched, the font style changed, and the font size naturally grew. If the new look is an issue for anyone, please tell me, and I will fall back on other options. If the new look is fine...also tell me. I'm not in it to alienate anyone, so feedback me, maybe?

Notice: Dec 23, 2012

The Adventure/Special side-list is now tag-free in the non-crossover section where it concerns the Color Kids (meaning only "Special" and "female" were removed, the likes of N and Bianca do still carry their tags, and so forth). Blue still refers to the girl, and everything else still stands. Now it's just easier to navigate the strictly AdvSpe 'ships.

Notice: July 22, 2012

Pok�mon Conquest has its own separate page for 'ships, and therefore they will not be apart of the Big List. I felt this was the best decision, only because it really is a crossover game and the only original characters are the Hero/Heroine, who will be kept separate for similar reasons (due to who owns them).

Notice: Mar 17, 2012

Been ignoring this for too long. I haven't been touching crossover 'ships in years, and that's not because no one's submitted any since '10; they have. I've simply been ignoring them, because when it comes down to it, what surface does it cover? So at this point, the crossover and Japanese names lists are now on archival mode. Archival mode, from now on, basically describes a page as being on hold from updates indefinitely.

Notice: Dec 23, 2011

Merry holiday New Year's salutations! Two new side links are slowly being put up across the site: 'ships with objects and 'ships that incorproate accents in their names. You might be surprised what you discover is really supposed to be spoken in a certain way.

Notice: Nov 11, 2011

Ahaha, late with an update. Never mind that.

Neverending Romance now has a Tumblr. Check out the links page for more details.

Notice: Oct 15, 2011

Been planning this move for a long time, now (a little over a year; I am so sorry). I can't say updating will be any easier (it won't; it is honestly the most laboring process), and I will miss a couple of Webs' features, but in the mean time, this is where I want to be, because the A-Z list is back, and now it won't be going anywhere (I pray; the A-Z list ate up most of the bandwidth Webs allowed monthly).

On the other hand, it might be a bit before every page is up to speed. You know me and the other pages that aren't the AZ pages.

I've been criticized for this layout before (back when I was trying to etch together some sloppy vision; it was pretty messy), but unlike what that criticizer holds his standards to, I'm looking out for my users and their ability to access the content without problematic loading or heavy download quotas being eaten, with very few trinkets and even fewer gimmicks (unlike other certain websites that are so heavy with flashy content, it takes forever to load when all you need is a single, damn name). I want a website that--no matter what browser you use--will still give you the information you seek (even if the layout is vaguely broken). Chrome and Firefox appear to do the trick, and I even made sure that older-version IE users will still be able to get a gist of the site without the layout going wonky. I am no website designer, but picking out and up what I could made this ghostly pale creature of a website, and time will tell if it's any good for those I cater to.

I do miss the rose+book theme Webs had; best not to mimic it, though. Fresh feel and all that.

You notice I'm still using Webs' guestbook? Why stop using what works?

I hope you will continue to put up with me. And remember, this list might be a product of Bulbagarden, but it's not chained by it. Shipping is a helpless profession; do continue to cut loose (in moderation; I'm not pretty when I cry). And if you encounter any problems, pleae contact me and I will do my utter best to help solve them.

Notice: Oct 03, 2011

Couples that contain more than one male, female, or pok�mon are now alphabetized by gender and species, much like the het and human/pok�mon 'ships have been from the start. That means, for example, if you are looking for the name of May/Dawn, searching Dawn & May will get you there. Pok�mon have also been alphabetized, regardless of gender. Latias precedes Latios, Miltank precedes Tauros, and so on. There are many nuances to the system, but that's the abridged version, and the bit that will help site-goers the most. If you spot a potential error, I would be more than happy to be told of it.

As well, all owned pokemon now have their masters in outside brackets. If you see any "charactername's pok�mon" in a listing, please also inform me.

Notice: Mar 25.2011

The March 25th update was actually finished and completed March 9th. It was supposed to be done earlier, but things happened, and when I was done, more things happened. So despite you having submitted yours between when I cut off this update and now, I have not included those. Just in case you get ansty over why yours isn't on the list yet. It will be. Sooner or later, it always will be.

Notice: Feb 13, 2011

If you are unable to access the guestbook, and are unwilling to use alternative methods of reaching me (but if you can, please do), please drop an email at with any questions or submissions.

List News
UPDATE: Aug 29.13

Ethan (Hiro) has been changed to Ethan (game); Ethan (anime) has been change to Ethan (CotD).

UPDATE: Aug 07.13

The existence of Silver (Kamon) came out of a compromise between who the character was in the days before DP and during-or-before the entirely of Gen III (the tag Ethan (Hiro) came about to match, as he was simply "Hiro" before Ethan). Well, it used to be worse than that when people argued his name was Black, a la from the manga Golden Boys. It wasn't fun, but now BG!Black is his own character and usage of "Kamon" to denote Silver is in less use, I believe. Either way, that incarnation of Silver is now "Silver (game)" on the list, since that's what you guys wanted (Ethan might change by the next update). As a side note, the Nidorans no longer have parentheses and now appear as "Nidoran F" and "Nidoran M".

UPDATE: March 04.13

After years of frustration, we've hopefully eliminated a search issue: the entire website will be in the process of swapping the traditional "Shipper" to "Shipping". While "Shipper" translates also to "Shipping" in search engines, the reverse isn't true, so when tradition hurts, tradition needs to take a back seat. While I do not want to swap the suffix, I think it's entirely necessary to hopefully lure in those who need the website, whether or not they think they need it. ...I'll just be over here, rolled up in a ball crying my 'shippy tears out.

UPDATE: Jan 01.13

One object 'ship seemed to be causing a bit of issue with recent submissions, so objects have returned to the main list. The side page with the objects will continue to exist and update, because what the hell. Article of interest, and might as well make it easier for 4chan and /vp/, as well as the rest of the internet, to see that our brand of crazy is just slightly different from their brand of crazy. (Not that they'd admit it.)

UPDATE: Oct 10.12

BW2 English names should be up and complete! Also, Mabelshipping was changed to Maybelshipping (due to Mabelleshipping...yes, it's confusing), and Bakushipping was changed from Drowzee/Munna (because already Highshipping) to Drowzee/Hypno/Munna/Musharna. ...And then we added some genders to Landgalaxyshipping and Templarknightshipping. Genders are a thing, now; genders are cool.

UPDATE: Mar 22.12

Some wires were crossed and the following were replaced (Englandshipping removed for Jokeshipping; Tasseographyshipping removed for Tassologyshipping). ...Felt like an emergency thing, so.

UPDATE: Nov 11.11

The remaining separate lists should now be in alphabetical order, with the exception of the 'ship ZodiacalStarshipping on the Untouchables.

UPDATE: July 10.11

The BW page is now simply polls and future BW 'ships. All archived BW 'ships are now solely maintained on the alphabet lists. As handy and informative as it was, I find that its upkeep is taxing, considering that it's not a permanent feature.

Please also vote on the polls if you haven't already, even if they don't affect you at all. I don't close polls until they're over 100 votes in total. The slower people check their opinion, the slower results will be, especially for the people who are vested in the outcome. So please do vote, if you haven't.

UPDATE: May 29.11

So, tough executive decision, and I didn't make it lightly. I am resigned to conclude that the name Conductorshipping will be applicable to the following two couples: Steve Stone/Elesa and Emmet/Elesa. This is all.

UPDATE: May 20.11

Well, so much for wanting to stick with the elimination of the totality. Anyway, categories have been elimination instead. It's not like you guys don't know the English names by now. There's little need to be cute, anymore. But since BW still remains infinitely popular in this neck of the woods (I expected nothing less), again with the "We'll see."

UPDATE: Mar 25.11

English names are in place. That means the future of this page is coming soon to an end. During the next update, the removal of every name BUT the "Newest" will happen. It would usually be after that, this page would no longer exist, right along with the Lyra page. However, the addition of polling has all but saved this page from full deletion. Polls will continue to be posted as they are needed.

BW is not HGSS; 200 characters, pok�mon and human alike, were introduced to us, and not simply the five of HGSS. It stands to say this page may exist for longer than the Lyra one did, and the polls may migrate elsewhere. We'll see what happens.

UPDATE: Jan 26.11

With the revealing of some English names, it's usually policy that the list will continue to use the Japanese names--with the exception of the base starters--until the update after the American release of the games. This is simply in case something changes between now and the release. It's only another, what, five weeks until Black & White? You will live.

UPDATE: Sept 23.10

Black-kun is now known as Touya, and "Black-kun" will no longer be the name found on this list. Four-chan is now known as Touko, and "Four-chan" will also no longer be the name found here.
We thank you for the patience of putting up with the aliases until this point.