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Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden - Bulbagarden, proprietor of the List (let no one tell you otherwise; they are lying)
: BMGf - their forums
: Bulbapedia - PokÚmon's top wiki; ever growing, never stopping

For the fans:
: "What's This Ship Called?" ver. 3 point 5 thread - for those who don't have BMGf accounts and might have an SPPf account, a place to ask questions you cannot find the answer to Here, make name submissions, or if you simply wish assistance for naming a pairing not found on the List (help's available and usually eager to serve; just make sure to ask politely)

For the fans:
: Making and Faking thread - for those without BMGf or SPPf accounts, and might have an FFN account, you can go here. Please note, however, that the thread is in a predominantly poke/poke forum board, and most (if not all) submissions that have come in through there are of that nature.  If you wish to use this over using the guestbook on this website, please keep this in mind, and if you do wish to submit anything through there that is not poke/poke, apologize profusely, tell them Luna Tiger said it was all right.

For the Tumblr fans:
: Shipping List Tumblr Extension - Responses may be slow, but there will be responses!

For French speakers:
: Shipping Infinity forum - (back up and running under new management and name) Parlez vous Franšais? This forum's is not only sweet enough to have a submission thread, they're currently in charge of officially translating the List into French. Excitement! They're amazing, diligent, and all round fun. So if French is your language, or need plenty of practice for school, this is the place!

For coders:
: Pkmnshippinglist on Github - this isn't really supposed to be a submissions tap, though I guess you could use it as such. It's a collection of various list-processing utilities I've put together. Might be interesting or useful for some people. Please drop me a line if you're interested in contributing or using the code here for other purposes!

If any forum (FFN or general web) wishes to make a thread that is a general submission tap, please tell me through convenient means (the guestbook, BMGf, SPPf, or Tumblr). I'm esm8m on both BMGf and SPPf.