Neverending Romance
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Updated: Nov 04.13

We are gathered here today, to satisfy the status quo of fandom!
And don't let anyone tell you differently.

By the way,
finding a 'ship by character is easier than you think:
it's called CTRL+F (for PCs)
or Command+F (for Macs)

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The (In)Complete List of Shippers - Version 9

Last Updated 9:40 PM EST, Monday, November 04, 2013.

Archivists Notes:
- Adding "Ghost" to the start of any Ship (For example, "GhostGakiShipper")
means that the person doesn't believe there is any romance between the two right
now, but that there will be at some point in the future. This term ISN'T in common
usage anymore however, but may still be found in older works.
- A slash (/) denotes either alternate meanings to the ship name
(If there's a gap. It doesn't mean that there are multiple couples which
that kind of shipper believes in), or alternate names for one of the characters
(If there's no gap between names separated by the slash).
- A plus sign (+) denotes a Ship where the Shipper believes in more than one couple
as a part of that Ship.
- Words in parenthesis () shows other names for the characters in a ship, where
they are from since some characters have the same name, or a note about the ship.